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after a long time being vegetarian, i finally decided to take the plunge into veganism about a month ago. of course, me being me, i didn't plan anything out beforehand (i.e. research, recipes). it was sort of a spontaneous effort. i had been considering it for a long time-- i've always felt it was the right thing to do for me personally, for a few reasons. and randomly one day i just decided to finally stop procrastinating and do it.

i was, however, unprepared for several difficulties and challenges. one being the amount of planning it takes just to make everyday meals. no more making an easy batch of cookies-- oh no, substitutions such as molasses or silken tofu should be on hand, things i have never kept in my cabinet ever. no more eating most of the "fake meats" i had come to love and have as a staple, such as my all-time fave, imitation bacon; the majority of these are also made with milk and eggs apparently. no more grilled cheese sandwiches for an easy lunch, or yogurt for snacks. most challenging thing: going out to eat with my boyfriend. he's a carnivore, and i'm sure he always will be. my gosh..trying to find places that cater to both of us is a real lesson in ingenuity and patience.

i was doing pretty well for awhile there. i made some yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies. i made stir-frys, tempura vegetables, veggie sandwiches, bean burritos. i discovered rice dream milk (sooo good) and soy yogurt. i was snacking on nuts and fruits. i thought i had a handle on things. i was patting myself on the back.

then the other day, i was insanely hungry. i hadn't eaten all day, it was 7pm and my tummy was needing a hearty, filling meal. but my cabinets were nearly empty (at least of vegan stuff). alas, the prospect of some frozen veggies and an orange was none too appealing in my hungry state. and we didn't at all feel like going out grocery shopping. and so we ordered pizza. that's right, take-out pizza from Uno's..with extra cheese..and broccoli/cheese soup..and later on, a Nutrageous candy bar for dessert. it tasted fantastic, i'm not gonna lie, i enjoyed it at the moment. but it was pretty much the meal of vegan antithesis to the max.

my body did not like this change at all. my stomach was upset the rest of the next day following. not to mention i was feeling pretty guilty too.

sooo i went grocery shopping tonight. i don't want to give up on this just yet. i
know that i feel ten times healthier when i am putting the right foods in my body. i've even lost a little weight without dieting or exercise. (if you knew me, you'd know that's a feat, lol).. my kitchen is now once again stocked with delicious healthy foods and i don't think i'll be ordering any more pizzas anytime soon. and i found a vegan cheese at the supermarket! it's made by Tofutti and it's "mozarella" slices. this may help me out a great deal. cheese is my weakness.

i love animals, and i really do want to stick with this and not just be a part-time vegan.
(feel free to throw any tips my way!)

love, angie


I've sent you some of the best vegan chicken recipes I have.. I don't know why I have them, even though I still eat regular chicken. :)
Check for your presents!

OH- also, buy "Skinny bitch in the kitch" if you haven't already. It's a vegan chicky cookbook that my friends adooorreee. I have it but cant bring myself to go there.. lol

nice!!! thanks alot!!

oohh i read the "skinny bitch" book, it was great, i'll have to get the cookbook! (:

I'm still working my way to vegetarian. I've eliminated pork and beef...I'm thinking turkey will be the next to go. Chicken is going to be the hardest for me to give up. I love chicken.

Overall though, sounds like you're doing great.

There is a Weight Watchers blog, and the author is completely vegan. She might be able to give you some recipe ideas. Her meals look incredible!

Hope that helps! Sounds like you're doing pretty darn good overall though. Veganism isn't easy.

good for you bridgett. one thing that really helped me give up chicken (was my fave meat as well) was the "chicken" substitutes made by boca and morningstar. i used to eat the fake chicken nuggets and fake buffalo wings all the time.

thanks for the tip-- i'll go check it out!!

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