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it's been a lovely few days. the boy and i ate sandwiches at a park near my house a few days ago, and i made another animal friend:

this squirrely came right up to me without provocation and was taking food right from my hand. when my boyfriend tried to feed it, it scurried away. haha. i don't know what it is about animals automatically trusting me. i guess they know who loves them. ^-^

then saturday i went to a lovely shoppe and got several herbs and a beautiful set of amethyst runes. i spent a few hours yesterday researching each runic symbol and its meanings. i am not entirely certain in what capacity i will be using them just yet, but i am sure it will come to me. there's a reason we are drawn to certain things, so i listen to my inner pull on things-- at least i try to as much as possible.

one of the herbs i got was valerian. i put it in a corked jar as soon as i got home, yet by evening my whole kitchen stunk of it. it's now in a tupperware container in a cabinet until i decide to try it. i've heard good things regarding its helpfulness with insomnia (which plagues me regularly). for now though, it can stay sealed up.

i also found a great resource for herbs:
it has many herbal tea recipes, and tons of other ways to use herbs in the home. it gave me several good ideas, as i still have a lot to learn. i have a "magical herbalism" book, which was useful in the sense that it explained different properties of herbs, but i needed something that would give me more practical applications beyond spellwork or ritual uses. i am going to be making some magickal sachets though..

i must end this for now, i have a major bout of housecleaning to do, then i may be falling into "gauntlet: dark legacy" for the evening. i normally don't enjoy video games but we snagged a copy of this old game, and i lenjoyed it back in the day, and i'm happy to reminisce.

love, angie


That picture of the bird and rat is just about the cutest thing! I loved reading your old blog post "origins". I'm so glad you found something meaningful to you.

I also agree that we are drawn to things for a reason. Since childhood, I was drawn to my mother's Tarot cards. As an adult, I kept toying with the idea of buying my own until one day I finally convinced myself to just do it. I'm so glad I did. I find it is the form of divination that makes the most sense to me as I'm sure runes will be for you since you were so drawn to them. Amethyst is one of my favorite gemstones.

You'll have to let me know how the valerian works for you, I have had insomnia since childhood and I'm really reluctant to get on prescription sleeping pills.

thanks for the kind words. ^-^

yes, intuition is always dependable- i don't know why i am drawn to runes as i have no interest in tarot or other forms of divination yet- so i'm just going to go with it and see where it takes me. amethyst is beautiful, my birthstone too. (:

i hear you on the sleeping pills, i'm always reluctant to take prescriptions or anything addictive. i do take a melatonin (natural hormone you can get OTC) supplement, and that helps sometimes, so that may be something to consider. and i'll post once i get up the nerve to try the stinky valerian, haha.

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