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haven't been posting much, i know...but i have been reading all the blogs i have been following, and am still deeply immersed in my path, as well as learning about others' paths.
i've just been busy gearing up for going back to college (my last full year i think!), making some jewelry to try to get my etsy shoppe back up, cleaning my house, playing with my ratties, that sort of thing.

and of course, reading.
the two books i am reading now: "Natural Witchcraft" by Marian Green, and "The Mist-Filled Path" by Frank MacEowen.
these are two decent books-- i have gleaned some insight from them (and
they are at least a step up from a few other "101"-type books i've skimmed through)-- but they still don't really relate to my path on a great level. i do enjoy reading about other people's paths anyway though; i think it's important because there are so many different "flavours" of paganism, it's good to educate yourself. but it's been a challenge for me to find ANY book that is genuinely Trad. Craft based, to help me grow in my own path; not to mention the difficulty of finding books without any Wiccan undertones...
that's why i'm SO happy "The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill" will be arriving to my home any day now. i've read several of Robin Artisson's articles online, and his work seems to be the closest to my intrinsic beliefs of any writer i've found thus far (of course i'm sure there's more, i just haven't found them yet). so i have high hopes for this book. the other book that will come with this one is "Hedge-Rider: Witches and the Underworld" by Eric Devries. that looks interesting as well, but i'm more impatient for the Artisson book for sure. all other future books will have to wait until i find a job or make money off etsy. how sad to be broke, but i'll have to switch focus to all my formal educational studies soon anyway.

other topics that have been in my periphery, but that i want to study more or ruminate further upon before posting about:

-animal familiars
-charms, amulets, talismans
-"magic" as seen in christianity

-history of runes

-symbols and their meanings

plenty more i can't think of at this second..

as i continue to progress, i'm sure i will begin posting more-- i'm still just really forming the basis of my beliefs, keeping three journals (one for herbs and remedies, one for dreams, one for general thoughts), and studying. so that is my main focus right now. but i'll share some more thoughts and experiences as i feel more comfortable.

love, angie


I read something interesting the other day about Early Christians having sorcerers that were used to hunt "witches". Although the sorcerers WERE witches, they would call out anyone in league with the devil. I read they would call out their opposing sorcerers to get them out of the way

Oh yeah, I'm doing the whole "wait a year" thing with this. I want to see how much knowledge and such I can get in a year before taking this on fully... I also want to be fully committed in my path.

i've been noticing alot of similarities between magical rituals and christian rituals. my old church was really, i don't know, over the top. and they would do things like "annointing with oil" for healing, they had an "altar" which was like the focal point of the sanctuary, and of course lighting candles.. catholic churches are big on lighting incense.. and i honestly think praying is just a different way of performing magic. also.."speaking in tongues" i think that is just like, a trance-like state... it's unbelievable how much they persecute witches when they have stolen so many things from them. anyway.

"wait a year" for what, what do you mean? i've read it's good to wait a year before performing any actual magical rights, that sort of thing. i'm doing that. i don't feel as if i have the knowledge yet to be just performing spells at will, except maybe little candle spells or something, you know? so yeah i am doing the same thing, just trying to gain alot of knowledge and insight first, learning about herbalism and natural remedies, and so on until i fully initiate myself into my path (even though i already think i know what my path is..but still).

I'm really interested in animal familiars too and just found a book at a used bookstore about that very topic.

Good luck in college!

There is an award for you over at my blog...

And yeah- waiting a year before actually declaring myself a witch and doing my initiation ect. ect. I won't do any big spells until then either.

When I first started out, I immediately went into rituals. It was immensely satisfying to me. But, I don't know, for some reason, after I had my miscarriage, I have been so hesitant to do any more. Part of it is that all of the rituals I did, I did while I was pregnant (although at the time I didn't know it). And part of it is after that experience, I realized how much of a child I still am in every aspect, including my faith. I haven't done any since but am considering starting with Samhain. I guess we'll see!

Dude kid, Could you make a blog post about your experience with Spirit boards? I've never known someone to actually say it "worked" in any capacity. Only if you are comfortable, of course.

well my two experiences were yeaaarrrs ago. there's not alot i remember (especially since i didn't know anything i know now), but yeah i can still write about what i remember.

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